Spiseøvelser / Speech rehearsals

Speech Rehearsals Sara Hamming


I’m at the dining table

I’m at the dining table
Peeling the white pith off my orange
I make little puns to connect us
Are you also thinking about cotton wool?

I am nauseous
Oranges are the sole thing I can swallow
Apples I eat only with my eyes

I cut open two apples
Four times four
We share a sorrow of never becoming a family

I look into a tomato
There is no room for me in its chambers
I look down at a double bed
With two duvets and two pillows

I cut a dildo out of a cucumber
And use it

Sara Hamming
Translations by Malene Engelund

Performance of Spiseøvelser / Speech Rehearsals at @det lilla rum March 8th ´´23

Spiseøvelser / Speech Rehearsals at Det Lilla Rum March 8th

Reading from Spiseøvelser /Speech Rehearsals with English translations at European Poetry Festival May 3rd ´23.