Work in progress

LOST TITLE bookobject - Sara Hamming / Moribund Performance Sara Hamming

A cycle of testemonies about waste. The two books on the picture, is the research re-used as performance-objects. An attempt to re-gain subjectivity of that which has been lost, bent, pushed away.

Stages of TABT TITEL is performed by Sara Hamming with different collaborators and co-produced by Astrid Noacks Atelier and Tårnby Park Performance Festival.

Supported by The Danish ArtsCouncil.

A collection of poems and gestures/performances _Sara Hamming

En Tjeneste / A Service

Billede- og video-dokumentation af En Tjeneste på vej.

Picture – video – documentation of A Service in the making.

Performances/ritualer, blev udført i Østre Kapel, Sydhavn Teater
september og oktober 2023.

Performances/rituals, was held in Østre Kapel, Sydhavn Teater
September and October 2023.